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Grotabyte Discovery is a reliable and user-friendly choice for your eDiscovery needs. With powerful search and analytics capabilities, a user-friendly interface, and seamless integration with other systems, Grotabyte Discovery helps businesses quickly and efficiently search, review, and produce digital data for compliance, litigation, regulatory investigations, or other legal proceedings purposes. Trust Grotabyte Discovery for all your eDiscovery needs.

The Reliable and User-Friendly eDiscovery Solution


Legal Hold Workflow

Some key features of the legal hold workflow in Grotabyte Discovery include:

Identification of relevant data: Users can search for and identify relevant data using powerful search and filtering tools.

Preservation of data: Data is preserved in its original format to ensure its authenticity and integrity. Data is not expired or disposed of until the legal hold is in place.

Tracking of legal hold requests: Users can track the status of legal hold requests and ensure that all relevant data is properly preserved.

Compliance with laws and regulations: The legal hold workflow in Grotabyte Discovery helps organizations to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, such as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) in the United States.

Overall, the legal hold workflow in Grotabyte Discovery is a valuable tool for organizations facing legal matters and seeking to preserve and manage relevant data in a compliant and efficient manner.

Identify, preserve, and track data relevant to the case
Data Review, Labeling, & Export

The Data Review, Labeling, & Export feature on Grotabyte Discovery allows users to quickly and efficiently review, classify, and tag data relevant to a particular case or investigation. This feature helps users quickly identify and isolate relevant information, which can save time and resources during the discovery process.

The Labeling feature allows users to apply tags or labels to data to indicate its relevance and importance. This can include labels such as "relevant," "non-relevant," or "privileged," which can help users to more easily identify and isolate specific types of data.

The Export feature allows users to easily extract and export data labeled or identified as relevant to a particular case or investigation. This can be done in a variety of formats, including PDF, EDRM, MSG, PST, and EML, making it easy to share and review data with other team members or stakeholders.

Overall, the Data Review, Labeling, & Export feature on Grotabyte Discovery is an essential tool for legal teams, helping them to more efficiently and effectively review and classify data during the discovery process.

Quick and efficient reviews
Technology Assisted Review for Internal and External Investigations

Grotabyte technology-assisted review, or TAR, is a feature that helps organizations streamline the process of reviewing large volumes of data for eDiscovery or compliance purposes. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and categorize documents, allowing users to quickly identify relevant documents and reduce the time and cost of manual review.

Some key benefits of Grotabyte TAR include:

Increased efficiency: TAR can significantly reduce the time and effort required to review large volumes of data, allowing users to focus on more important tasks.

Improved accuracy: TAR algorithms are able to analyze and categorize documents with a high degree of accuracy, helping users identify relevant documents more effectively.

Reduced risk: By automating the review process, TAR helps organizations mitigate the risk of human error, ensuring that relevant documents are not missed.

Enhanced collaboration: Grotabyte TAR allows users to collaborate on the review process, enabling them to share insights and work together more effectively.

Overall, Grotabyte TAR is a powerful tool that helps organizations streamline the review process, improve accuracy, and reduce risk, making it an essential component of any eDiscovery or compliance strategy.

Reduce the effort to review large volumes of data
Integration with Multiple Data Sources

Grotabyte Archive offers seamless integration with multiple data sources, allowing organizations to easily archive and manage their electronic communications and content in one central location. This includes email servers, enterprise social platforms, financial platforms, online file storage, SMS/Text, chat, meetings solutions, video conferencing, workstream collaboration, instant messaging, website, and more.

Having all of this information in a single, unified archive allows organizations to easily search, access, and manage their data, while also improving compliance and reducing the risk of data loss. The integration feature also helps to eliminate silos of data, enabling teams to work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively.

Overall, the integration feature of Grotabyte Archive offers a comprehensive and convenient solution for managing and organizing electronic communications and content.

Archive contents from legacy and modern data sources
Offline PST Import

The offline PST import feature on Grotabyte Archive allows organizations to import large volumes of PST files into the archive quickly and efficiently, without the need for an active connection to the email server. This is particularly useful for organizations that have a large amount of legacy data stored in PST files and need to migrate it to a modern, centralized archive system.

The offline PST import feature supports a range of options, including the ability to specify which folders and subfolders to include or exclude, as well as the ability to apply retention policies and other metadata to the imported data. It also provides detailed progress tracking and error reporting to ensure that the import process is smooth and successful.

Overall, the offline PST import feature on Grotabyte Archive helps organizations to efficiently and effectively migrate their legacy data to a modern, centralized archive system, while also maintaining control over data retention and disposition policies.

Avoid the nightmare of searching from PST files and mitigate corruption and PST files deletion risk
PDF Viewer

Viewing attachments in the pdf viewer helps the review process better

View attachments contents with PDF viewer