Information Governance

Stay ahead of the increasing policies and regulations on data compliance by structuring your data in one centralized location ensuring security for your information and mitigating risk.

Your Problem

Where is everything?

Across all the various platforms and sources, organizations have a great deal of helpful information that can allow them to boost productivity and create more value in their company, but how much of that information are they actually getting to and understanding? To accurately process and understand data, information needs to be governed in one central location with efficient access and an organized structure.

Our Solution

Be Proactive

Grotabyte’s Secure Centralized Archiving system creates one organized location to access information of every sort across multiple data sources. We ensure that your information is organized and easily accessible for authorized parties through a holistic, flexible, and thorough archiving structure. This not only makes it easier to follow government compliance but also protects and manages your organization's information, making it readily available for your needs.


Secure Centralized Archiving

Discover the relevant information you need across all platforms through our data classification system that assigns labels and identifies common messages through a technology-aided semantics framework.

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Retention Policy

Ensure global data compliance concerning increasing regulations; GDPR and CCPA. Grotabyte has an easy-to-follow retention policy that can be adapted to an organization's needs for data that is no longer relevant.

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Siloed Conversation Consolidation

Unstructured data and information can break down the organization and efficiency within an organization. Inaccessible information and constant searches can create losses and become cumbersome. By maintaining one platform to search for and maintain the various, siloed levels within a company, it is prepared for compliance issues as well as its own needs. Grotabyte offers an advanced archiving system that is easy to follow and has every piece of information across multiple platforms in one secure location.

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On the Clock Synchronization

Allow Grotabyte to automatically sync your messages by creating a copy or choose to sync when your work day is done. Either way, our system is ready when you are.

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File Indexing

Mitigating risk and ensuring your data's safety is a top priority for Grotabyte. Our file indexing system ensures that you can easily search for or track information that needs immediate action and take it. We can safely compile and store years of your organization's data across multiple servers and make it easily accessible for your various needs.

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