Intelligent Unified Search

Whether an end-user or an organization, Grotabyte's advanced search can help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Your Problem

The inbox labyrinth

Sifting through the clutter of past inboxes and navigating the maze just to find one simple message from years ago can be taxing and take hours. This process should be simple and efficient in order to move forward in a project, investigation, or simply finish your search and find the exact message you were looking for. Instead of wasting time and energy searching for messages or documents, allow Grotabyte to simplify the process for you.

Our Solution

Let's narrow it down

Our search system allows organizations to be prepared in the case that documents come under review or specific messages are needed. Simply enter the criteria you need in order to locate messages that follow a similar theme or the specific one you are looking for. The criteria include a date range, keywords, people, sentiments, locations, labels, personal information, and many more. Once the message is found, you can share it across different platforms or add comments for others on your team to view. If the message needs to be shared but has personal information, different labels such as PII, PHI, PFI, etc can be used so those details can be blacked out. The ease of referring to past emails and messages through a quick search can save you time and create a far more productive work environment. Similarly, end-users have the same capabilities in order to find past messages and search for names, dates, locations, etc in their inbox.