Meaningful Insights

Your Problem

Collecting data is not enough

More often than not, companies are able to gather intelligent data and information but it is left forgotten. So much of the meaningful data collected becomes "dark data" as it is never properly analyzed and therefore not utilized as insight for the company. Simply collecting data is not enough. A system that is not only able to interpret, analyze, and review data, but then create insights, actions, and solutions is necessary to boost productivity and excel.

Our Solution

Data Classification & Semantics AI

Working through projects with your team or presenting new information has never been easier or more efficient with Grotabyte's intelligent capabilities. Simple messages can be made to mean more with labeling, flagging, and commenting capabilities that let other people know the importance of a certain message and its relevance to your project. Our AI is capable of classifying documents based on personal identifiable;e information, easing the process of searching.