Overview of Grotabyte Archive Renewal Services
The Grotabyte Archive renewal process ensures the software system continually aligns with organizational and user requirements. Below is a detailed outline of the services provided under the renewal program:
Support Services
Grotabyte's support services offer comprehensive assistance for various needs:
  • General Assistance: Includes support via email and online meetings.
  • eDiscovery Request Assistance: Helps with specific eDiscovery requests, constructing complex queries, searches, and exports.
  • Updates and Fixes: Covers all major and minor features, bugs, and patches for licensed versions.
  • Remote Troubleshooting: Resolves issues related to Grotabyte Archive functionality, such as archiving, search, export, and legal hold problems.
  • Elasticsearch Scaling: Enables adding nodes as data grows.
  • Performance Optimization: Focuses on enhancing application efficiency and responsiveness in line with data growth.
  • End User Access Support: If end-user access is purchased, support synchronization of emails between the user's mailbox and Grotabyte Archive.
  • Office 365 Journaling Support: Depending on the customer's option, ongoing support of BCC archiving, on-premise journaling, or Grotabyte journaling (via Amazon Workmail).
Adaptive Maintenance
Adaptive maintenance ensures the software system's stability and continuous development:
  • Email Compliance Maintenance: Ongoing testing, fixing, and updating for email adherence to RFC822.
  • Software Stack Updates: Regular testing and updating of the software components used by Grotabyte Archive, such as Elasticsearch, SQL Server, RabbitMQ, Apache NiFi, ReactJS, NodeJS, and Nginx.
  • Operating System Changes Updates: Making changes to ensure compatibility with new or updated operating system versions.
  • Active Directory and Exchange Online/On-Premise Changes Updates: Make changes to ensure compatibility with permissions or configuration changes that could affect archiving and application access.
Preventive Maintenance
Proactive steps to improve the system's reliability and prevent future issues:
  • Code Optimization: Reorganizing and refactoring code to enhance maintainability.
  • Documentation Management: Keeping all related documentation current and accurate.
Product Training
Education services provided to facilitate understanding and utilization of Grotabyte Archive:
  • Usage Training: Tailored instruction on Grotabyte Archive product usage.
  • Update and Feature Education: Information sessions about new updates or features.
Disaster Recovery
A robust strategy to counteract significant disruptions or failures:
  • Recovery Procedures: Reinstalling Grotabyte Archive software and repopulating data as needed.
  • Reindexing Data: Reindexing data in Elasticsearch if indexes get corrupted.
Ongoing surveillance to ensure seamless operation:
  • Automated Alerts: Utilizes monitoring scripts to notify the Grotabyte customer success team if archiving stops.
This thorough renewal package offers an encompassing support and development strategy, securing the integrity and effectiveness of the Grotabyte Archive system.
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