Raw Information to Finished Intelligence

Change incoming information received in its original form into intelligence that can mitigate risk, save time, and create a more productive work environment.

Your Problem

What to do with it all?

Though there is an abundance of useful information for organizations, it seems that most of is lost to the wind or simply unaccounted for. It is impossible for companies to sift through all of the messaging they receive on their own to find the exact detailed information they need. To be efficient and make smart decisions, raw information must be converted into actionable items through the use of AI and intelligent insights.

Our Solution

Grotabyte helps you build on top of what you already know

  • Boost efficiency and mitigate risks by allowing alerts to be sent to your directly over monitored content

  • Secure confidential information with the use of flags and labels

  • Create a unified location to extract key information and search for relevant messages


Content Identification, Monitoring, and Alerts

Stay ahead of potential security risks, employee sentiments, and important communication.

Learn More about Content, Monitoring, & Alerts

Meaningful Insights

Allow Grotabyte’s AI to provide insights and gather messages with similar characteristics through semantics technology.

Learn more about Grotabyte's Meaningful Insights

Privacy Regulatory Compliance

Classify your data in one location to reduce security risks of personal information, stay within government regulatory compliances, and locate all of your data from different sources easily.

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