Retention Policy

Retain information to meet regulatory compliance and business requirements, then dispose of data when not needed to reduce liability

Your Problem

Maintaining compliance and organization

Grotabyte allows organizations to store information from multiple data sources securely in a central archive location. Information is held as long as the discovery is in progress. Whether following government compliance or wanting to clean up your data logs, our archiving system can help an organization sort through their massive amounts of data to access the information they need with greater efficiency. Grotabyte offers “grace periods” whereby documents will not be automatically deleted after their expiration dates but given a certain amount of time to either be permanently deleted or saved. Once saved, these messages will not exist in the main inbox, creating clutter, but off-screen. The option of deleting documents immediately after the grace period is over needs to be manually selected.

Our Solution

Decrease clutter but maintain information

The clutter of too much information, stored over years and across multiple servers can inhibit productivity and create compliance issues. The problem is, that most of these documents need to be kept in order to maintain government compliance. So, how does an organization store years of information without distracting from current projects or creating a mess of mishandled documents and data?