Self Serve Personal Archive

Organize all of your messages through our personal email archive and search archive. Never lose track of the messages you receive daily or the ones you’ve received in the past.

Your Problem

Too Easy to Lose Track

If you’ve ever wasted too much time searching for a forgotten piece of mail or left a message unanswered because there are just too many to get through, you understand how easy it is to lose track of information. Additionally, it's a pain to have to reach out to IT for every inconvenience. In order to stay organized and structured, mail needs to accessible, easy to sort through, and all in one place.

Our Solution

Search, Locate, Label, Repeat

Grotabyt’es self serve personal archive is one consolidated location where individual employees can find all of their personal messages, past or present. The search system allows you to narrow down criteria to dates, people, words, sentiments, and many more to make your search process as efficient as possible. Once you find the message you’re looking for, feel free to add a label, comment, add collaborators, share another way, flag certain words, and so many more through our unique capabilities. The archive system greatly reduces individual reliance on IT resources and increases productivity for each employee by being self-reliant. End-Users can access, view, and search contents from all data sources from a unified interface.


Intelligent Unified Search

Unified search allows you to search for any message across multiple different platforms. No matter how specific or small, our system can find the mail you’re looking for.

Learn more about Intelligent Unified Search

Folder Structure

The mailbox is structured to help you locate your messages easily. Different folders including your main inbox, sent mail, junk, drafts, and more will help locate all mail across multiple mailing platforms.

Learn more about our Folder Structure here

Mobile Access (coming soon)

With mobile access, find all the messages you are looking for directly on your phone with advanced search capabilities.