A secure centralized database with powerful eDiscovery that saves you time and money

(AI)-based e-discovery is now necessary to handle the review of the growing volume of electronically stored information (ESI)

Your Problem

The simplest solution to the problem of app proliferation

Leveraging top-of-the-line cloud suites to collaborate and communicate improves your team’s efficiency and in turn, your profit margins, but also consequently creates fragmented data silos. This fragmentation of information can make it quite challenging, time-consuming, and costly to retrieve data for litigation and investigations – which increases the legal risk to your organization in case of a lawsuit.

Our Solution

Best-in-class eDiscovery for content, collaboration, and communication applications

Locate relevant information seamlessly with the help of Intelligent Unified Search and streamline data collection, Early Case Assessment (ECA), investigations, and preservation. With Grotabyte, you’ll never have to worry about choosing between the apps you want and the functionality you need. Our proprietary solution allows you to rapidly identify, defensibly collect, and archive data from today’s most popular cloud apps (including traditionally harder-to-capture sources like Confluence and Slack) into one central repository. By centralizing information, organizing it intelligently using our AI-driven software, and rendering it in native or near-native format, you can easily and quickly find and export only what you need. This translates into lower legal costs (due to fewer hours billed) and a much faster response in case a lawsuit is imminent.


Intelligent Unified Search

Unified search allows you to search for any message across multiple, different platforms. No matter how specific or small, our system can find the mail you’re looking for.

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Early Case Assessment & Investigation

Rapidly identify and flag relevant data to inform legal strategy as well as investigations with our powerful search-ready archiving. Pool in and process raw data once, and then search and use as many times as you need.

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Technology-Assisted Document Review

For organizations to be compliant and prepared in the case of an investigation, our AI provides assistance in looking over the countless number of documents that need to be reviewed.

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More Deliverables

Lower export volume

Export and share only what you need with internal and external parties. Our eDiscovery solution offers a unique blend of API-based collections, fast and reliable search & discovery, AI-based predictive modeling, and machine learning capabilities for seamless ECA.

Defensible collections

Mitigate legal risks through the forensic collection of all data and metadata directly from the source. With our proprietary eDiscovery solution, you can also easily extract all embedded links and attachments while preserving files in their respective native formats.

Open API

Integrate with your choice of applications, introduce your own machine learning model, and create your own workflows using our Open API. Or we can just build it for you.

Wide range of application support

Connect to over 20 of the top cloud applications on the market, including harder-to-capture sources like Jira, Slack, and Zendesk.

Agile deployment

Our solution is built in the cloud, for the cloud. We can get you up and running in days, not weeks or months, and deliver tangible results, fast.