Grotabyte provides an active archive for communication, collaboration, and content applications.

The Grotabyte software is a flexible, search-ready archive that makes it easy to identify, preserve, collect, and export relevant data.
Increase productivity, decrease costs, and mitigate legal problems

Identify, capture, and retain raw information securely from an ever-expanding list of communication, collaboration, and content apps and turn it into finished intelligence to make informed decisions.

For many industries, including healthcare, government, manufacturing, energy, and financial Services, archiving is critical and mandatory, yet all the content generated through communication channels, only 50% of it is ever archived.


Our approach


Grotabyte’s platform has the capability of processing every piece of information, including text, images, emojis, and many more with our semantics-supported AI. Grotabyte not only analyzes your information with speed but with meticulous accuracy.

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Grotabyte can integrate with any data source including top-of-the-chat apps in order to connect all of your various paths of communication in one unified location.


These are just a few of the countless solutions that can be implemented in order to create structure within your organization and implement a cohesive way to analyze ad understand the various forms of information you receive daily.

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Failing to archive electronic communications puts your company at legal risk, with heavy fines and lost opportunity

Grotabyte users are taking advantage of our many solutions in these key ways:


Intelligent Unified Search-Early Case Assessment & Investigation- Technology-Assisted Document Review

Cut time and energy by discovering the exact information you need any time you need it.

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Information Governance

Secure Centralized Archiving- Retention Policy- Siloed Conversation Consolidating- On the Clock Synchronization

Stay ahead of the increasing policies and regulations on data compliance by structuring your data in one centralized location ensuring security for your information and mitigating risk.

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Raw Information to Finished Intelligence

Content, Monitoring, & Alerts- Privacy Regulatory Compliance- Meaningful Insights

Change incoming information received in its original form into intelligence that can mitigate risk, save time, and create a more productive work environment.

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Self Serve Personal Archive

Folder Structure- Intelligent Unified Search- Mobile Access

Organize all of your messages through our personal email archive and search archive. Never lose track of the messages you receive daily or the ones you’ve received in the past.

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Let us help you

How will you benefit?

Whether your company has too much data to sort through and not enough people to do the job or you personally are struggling to keep up with the vast amount of messages you receive across multiple platforms, Grotabyte can help you maintain organization and bolster productivity.

Meaningful Insights

We’ve helped them

Customers from banking, financial services, education, government, hospitals, credit unions, manufacturing, hospitality, and more use Grotabyte every day to fulfill discovery requests, mitigate risk, and boost productivity

Happy clients

Don't just take our word for it – our clients frequently stay in touch with us and work with us on additional eDiscovery and archiving needs.

Dave Miller, IT Director

Grotabyte has made my e-discovery and OPRA request fulfillment much easier. The system allows for multiple export formats, allowing me to meet the necessary requirements of the requests. Support is exceptional! I am always answered and helped in very short order. I would recommend this product to others!

IT Manager @ a College

Grotabyte is an excellent information archiving and eDiscovery product. It has helped our college immensely in organizing and retrieving information. The product is user-friendly and has a great interface. Overall, we are very pleased with Grotabyte and would recommend it to other colleges and organizations.

Network Administrator @ a Bank

This product is amazing! It has helped our organization keep track of all of our information and has made it much easier to discover information when we need it. It has also helped us save time and money by automating many of our processes. Overall, this product has been a great addition to our organization and has helped us improve our efficiency and productivity.

IT Director @ a Credit Union

This product is amazing! I have been using it for a while now to help with my information archiving and eDiscovery needs and it has been a huge time-saver. The search feature is my favorite part – it makes it so easy to find specific items that I need. Overall, this product is a must-have for anyone who needs to archive or discover information.