Grotabyte eDiscovery
Simplify and manage legal holds confidently, safeguarding critical data seamlessly during investigations, demonstrating defensibility, and avoiding reputational damage.
Serve your FOIA requests. Pinpoint crucial data in seconds. Streamlined searches that accelerate legal and operational tasks.
Effortlessly manage data retention and improve compliance. Ensure retention policies are upheld in real-time, seamlessly archiving data across all platforms and reducing data sprawls.
Retrieve vital communications swiftly, empowering staff with instant access to archived emails, reducing IT burden.
Navigate regulatory landscapes easily, ensuring your institution always meets essential legal standards.
M365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Workspace, Zoom, Teams, and more seamless integrations.
Legal Hold Management
Institutions often face the challenge of preserving specific documents and communication records for legal matters in the ever-evolving digital education landscape. Legal Hold, or Litigation Hold, is the process by which institutions ensure the preservation of relevant information when they anticipate a lawsuit, investigation, or audit.
Why is Legal Hold Management Critical?
Preserving Evidence: Maintaining pertinent information in its original state is essential, ensuring it remains unaltered and accessible for future legal proceedings.
Regulatory Compliance: Many educational institutions fall under the jurisdiction of specific regulations that mandate the preservation of certain data for a set period.
Risk Mitigation: Ensuring proper legal hold procedures can mitigate potential sanctions or penalties in litigation and ensure a defensible preservation strategy.

Grotabyte's Legal Hold for Education

In the vast digital education ecosystem, legal hold management plays a crucial role in preserving specific documents and communication records about legal matters. Grotabyte's solution emphasizes a comprehensive case management approach, ensuring institutions efficiently handle, analyze, and act upon legal holds. Why Grotabyte’s Legal Hold Case Management? Grotabyte offers a holistic and dynamic legal hold case management solution tailored for educational institutions: Create & Release Legal Hold Cases: Establish a new case when a preservation need arises and efficiently release (close) the case when no longer required. Collaborative Environment: Assign specific team members to collaborate on a case, ensuring only authorized individuals can access the preserved records, thus maintaining data integrity and confidentiality. Labeling for Efficiency: Apply global and specific case-level labels to categorize and organize data relevant to the legal hold case. Robust Search Mechanisms: Employ simple, advanced, and query builder search functionalities to pinpoint the exact information relevant to the case, allowing for precise linking of emails and other documents to the case. Versatile Export Options: Depending on the specific need, export data in formats like PST, PDF, EML, MSG, and EDRM. The EDRM format ensures compatibility with specialized eDiscovery software for further review and production. Filtering for Precision: Refine data retrieval using filters like global labels, case labels, recipients, sender, data source types, and more. This refined approach ensures that only relevant data is extracted and exported. Client Attorney Privilege Protection: Use the exclusion list to prevent client-attorney privileged emails from being included in the export, safeguarding the sanctity of privileged communications. User-Friendly Interface: A sleek and intuitive interface provides a snapshot overview and detailed view of every email, enhancing user experience and efficiency. Addressing Challenges with Grotabyte Grotabyte’s Legal Hold Case Management solution is designed to help institutions navigate common challenges: Avoiding Over-Preservation: By precisely identifying and preserving only the necessary information, costs and complexities associated with over-preservation are avoided. Ensuring Data Confidentiality: Restricting access to authorized team members ensures that sensitive data remains confidential and secure. Efficient Data Extraction: The ability to filter, label, and export in multiple formats means that institutions can efficiently retrieve and present data to legal and HR teams as required. Experience Seamless Legal Hold Management with Grotabyte Grotabyte offers a comprehensive solution simplifying the multifaceted legal hold case management process. Grotabyte sets the gold standard in legal hold case management for education by ensuring that educational institutions can manage legal holds with precision, clarity, and ease. REQUEST A DEMO NOW For a deeper understanding of how Grotabyte is revolutionizing legal hold case management in education or to explore our solutions further, please get in touch with our expert team.

Educational institutions face complex data management and compliance challenges in an increasingly digital world. Grotabyte's eDiscovery platform seamlessly integrates with your educational systems to simplify FOIA and other EDU-related requests. We offer advanced search capabilities, export options, and user-friendly interfaces to empower your legal, HR, and IT teams.
eDiscovery for Education: Empowering Institutions in the Digital Era
Advanced Search Capabilities: Benefit from blazing-fast searches, semantic context searching, and a robust query builder. Our platform also provides options to save searches and apply results directly to legal hold cases, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
Versatile Export Options: Tailored to your needs, export data in formats like PST, PDF, EML, and MSG. We also support EDRM formats for seamless integration with specialized eDiscovery software. Our exclusion list guarantees that sensitive data, like client-attorney privileged emails, remain confidential.
User-Friendly Design & Compliance: Navigate effortlessly with our slick UI, previewing email snapshots and accessing comprehensive email details. With an exclusive auditor role, monitored search logs, and meticulous metadata views, we ensure strict adherence to compliance standards.

Empower Your Institution in the Digital Landscape

In an era where educational data is primarily digital, responding to requests, ensuring compliance, and maintaining privacy have become paramount. Grotabyte's eDiscovery platform stands out as a comprehensive solution tailored for educational institutions. From straightforward FOIA requests to intricate EDU-specific requirements, we have you covered. Features & Benefits: Advanced Search Capabilities Blazing Fast Searches: Spend less time waiting and more time analyzing. Semantic Search: Dive deeper with context-driven searches that understand the nuances of your queries. Robust Query Builder: Craft any search query, irrespective of its complexity, and fetch precisely what you need. Saved Searches & Legal Hold Integration: Save crucial searches for repetitive use and directly apply results to legal hold cases for added convenience. Comprehensive Export Options Multiple Formats: Depending on your need, export in PST, PDF, EML, MSG, or share with your legal and HR departments. EDRM Compatibility: Ready to integrate with leading eDiscovery software through the EDRM format, ensuring a smooth transition between platforms. Sensitive Data Protection: With our exclusion list feature, you can ensure that privileged emails, like those under client-attorney confidentiality, are not mistakenly exported. Intuitive User Experience & Compliance Slick User Interface: Navigate and preview email snapshots seamlessly, accessing in-depth email data when needed. Auditor Role: A specialized role designed to supervise and manage searches, enhancing data oversight. Search Logs & Compliance: Every search is meticulously logged, ensuring you follow compliance standards. Metadata Views: Dive into the intricate details of every piece of data with our comprehensive metadata views. Making eDiscovery Simple & Efficient Education institutions now have vast amounts of data to manage. From emails and documents to recorded lectures and more, Grotabyte's eDiscovery solution empowers institutions to manage, search, and export this data effectively. With robust features backed by industry-leading technology, we ensure that you can swiftly respond to any request, all while ensuring the utmost data privacy and compliance.​ REQUEST A DEMO NOW Discover how Grotabyte's eDiscovery platform can streamline your institution's data management and compliance processes. Connect with us for a personalized demonstration.

Data Retention Management
Safeguarding the lifecycles of academic data, Grotabyte’s Data Retention Management ensures that educational institutions effectively retain, manage, and delete documents in sync with compliance mandates and operational necessities.
Data Retention Management for Education
Customized Retention Policies: From overarching global policies to detailed custom ones, curate a variety of strategies tailored to your institution’s needs.
Deletion with Deliberation: Introduce controlled, dual-step deletion processes with grace periods, ensuring data is protected until the end.
Elevated Oversight: Exclusive access tiers for super administrators, administrators, and auditors, enabling optimal data management and security.

Streamline, Define, and Manage Your Data Lifecycle

As the digital age advances, educational institutions grapple with massive data. The challenge? Determining how long to retain this data while balancing compliance mandates and internal operational requirements. With Grotabyte's Data Retention Management solution, educational institutions can craft nuanced retention policies, ensuring they neither hold onto unnecessary data for too long nor prematurely delete valuable information. Key Features & Advantages: Flexible Policy Creation Multiple Retention Policies: Craft various policies tailored to compliance and internal requirements. Global vs. Custom Policies: Set overarching policies based on the age of documents or design granular, custom policies rooted in intricate search criteria. Grace Period Definition: Introduce a buffer between when a document is marked as expired and its actual deletion, affording institutions the necessary window to recover essential documents if needed. Deletion & Preservation Controls Document Expiry & Deletion: Once a document meets its retention threshold, it is marked as expired. Subsequently, it's queued for deletion after the specified grace period. This dual-step process ensures an added layer of data protection. Toggle-able Deletion Policy: For institutions that prefer prolonged data storage, the deletion policy can be disabled, resulting in documents being retained indefinitely. Though tagged as expired, such documents remain accessible only to super administrators. Elevated Access & Oversight Admin & Auditor Views: Super administrators, administrators, and auditors have specialized viewing rights, ensuring data integrity and oversight. Non-Intrusive Policy Disabling: Turning off a retention policy won't retroactively alter messages already marked under it. It only ensures that future messages remain unaffected. Secure Your Institution's Data Lifecycle Every piece of data, from student emails to faculty research documents, has a lifecycle. With Grotabyte's Retention Management solution, educational institutions can oversee this lifecycle with clarity and confidence, ensuring that no document is deleted prematurely or retained past its utility. REQUEST A DEMO NOW Navigate the complexities of data retention with ease. Connect with us for a comprehensive walkthrough of Grotabyte's Retention Management platform.

"In our complex world of compliance, information archiving, and the ever-evolving e-discovery landscape, having a tool that meets and exceeds our expectations is a rarity. Grotabyte has proven to be an invaluable asset to our organization. It provided us with IT independence, and its intuitive and slick user interface has made search and archiving operations a breeze. From FOIA requests to holding critical legal evidence, Grotabyte has consistently delivered with blazing speed. The days of cumbersome searches and the pains of trawling through Microsoft Outlook's recoverable deleted folders are behind us.
And as if the product's capabilities weren't enough, the customer service has been stellar. Fast responses, speedy resolutions, and genuine care for our needs. The switch to Grotabyte wasn’t just a decision but an upgrade to our operational paradigm. It's about avoiding business disruption and embracing a more efficient, streamlined future. Our reputation with vendors has been elevated, and ease of exporting and sharing critical data with legal team is a breeze!
To any organization still stuck with slow, cumbersome archiving solutions, I can't recommend Grotabyte enough. It's not just software, it's a revolution in how we handle, search, and archive our information."


Background: Located in the city's heart, the College of DuPage has always been at the forefront of academic excellence. As the institution expanded, so did its IT demands. The faculty and staff's growing reliance on emails for communication prompted a more sophisticated email archiving system. Challenges: IT Over-dependence: Faculty and staff frequently contacted the IT department to retrieve old emails, burdening the IT team with numerous retrieval requests. FOIA Compliance: Being a public institution, the College of DuPage frequently received FOIA requests, which necessitated the quick and accurate retrieval of emails. Legal Holds: On one occasion, the institution had to preserve certain emails for a decade-long legal hold, presenting storage and retrieval challenges. Vendor Requests: The university's reputation was at stake when third-party vendors requested specific email records. Strict Retention Policy: Ensuring the university's email retention policy was upheld became a growing concern. Student Misconduct Searches: There were instances when the university had to retrieve emails related to allegations of student misconduct. Inefficient Search: Using the previous system, searching emails, especially in Microsoft Outlook's recoverable deleted folders, took time and effort. The Grotabyte Solution: Upon implementing Grotabyte's state-of-the-art email archiving system, the university experienced: IT Independence: Faculty and staff could now independently access their archived emails, freeing the IT department to focus on other critical tasks. Enhanced FOIA Response: FOIA requests could be catered to more efficiently, ensuring compliance and reducing response time. Streamlined Legal Holds: The system allowed easy configuration of legal holds, such as the notable 10-year hold, without any hitches. Reputation Management: Vendor requests could be addressed promptly, ensuring the university's reputation remained untarnished. Effective Retention Management: Grotabyte's solution made adherence to the university's retention policy a breeze. Swift Misconduct Search: Grotabyte enabled faster searches related to student misconduct cases, aiding in swift resolution. Features the University Loved: Slick User Interface (UI): The design and user-friendliness of Grotabyte's UI are commended by users across the board. Blazing Fast Searches: Retrieving archived emails was no longer tedious, thanks to the system's rapid search capability. Versatile Export Formats: Emails could be exported in various formats, making collaborating with the legal team easier. Top-Notch Customer Service: Grotabyte's customer service was always at hand to address queries, with a commendable track record of fast responses and quick problem resolution. Conclusion: The shift to Grotabyte's advanced email archiving system was transformative for the College of DuPage. From ensuring compliance and upholding its reputation to empowering staff and faculty with direct email access, the university's IT operations witnessed a remarkable enhancement in efficiency and effectiveness.

Archived Email Access for Faculty & Staff
Empower your educational institution's faculty and staff with seamless access to archived emails, enhancing productivity while maintaining the highest level of security and IT efficiency.
Archived Email Access: Streamlined & Secure
Unified Login Experience: Utilize Azure or on-prem Active Directory credentials with MFA support—eliminating the need for separate accounts.
Swift & Intuitive Searches: Dive into archived emails with blazing-fast search capabilities and a user-friendly interface.
Flexible Email Management: Forward, download, or export emails easily, all while alleviating IT workload and minimizing mailbox sizes.

Effortless Archived Email Access for Faculty and staff

Faculty and staff no longer have to grapple with cumbersome email archives. Grotabyte’s email access solution is designed with the user in mind, providing a straightforward and efficient experience for everyone involved. Unified Login with Enhanced Security: Authenticate using Azure or on-prem Active Directory credentials, bolstered with Azure MFA for an extra layer of security. Powerful Search Options: Both simple and advanced search functionalities are at your fingertips, ensuring that the needed information is always within reach. Unburden Your IT Team: By allowing individuals to access archived emails directly, we significantly reduce the load on IT departments. Efficient Mailbox Management: Helps maintain manageable mailbox sizes, negating the need for local PST stores and facilitating efficient email management. User-Centric Interface: Our slick UI provides clear email snapshots and details, prioritizing user experience and satisfaction. Flexible Email Operations: Beyond just viewing, users can forward, download, or export their emails—provided the admin approves these actions. Experience archived email access as it should be: intuitive, fast, and always secure. REQUEST A DEMO NOW Navigate the complexities of archived email access with ease. Connect with us for a comprehensive walkthrough of the Grotabyte Archive platform.

Grotabyte’s comprehensive compliance solution provides educational institutions the tools they need to navigate this complex digital landscape efficiently and safely.
As schools and universities increasingly depend on digital communication tools like emails, SharePoint, and OneDrive, the imperative to manage and monitor this vast array of communication data grows exponentially. These channels, integral to today's educational paradigm, harbor invaluable insights and potential risks.
Human-Level Accuracy: From audio transcriptions to hate speech identification, experience unparalleled precision in content processing.
Dynamic Policy Management: Tailor-made policies, manual flags, and real-time notifications ensure proactive risk mitigation.
Sleek & Intuitive Interface: Seamlessly navigate your institution's communication data with snapshot previews and detailed email views.

The New Paradigm in Education: Communication Data Compliance

As schools and universities increasingly depend on digital communication tools like emails, SharePoint, and OneDrive, the imperative to manage and monitor this vast array of communication data grows exponentially. These channels, integral to today's educational paradigm, harbor invaluable insights and potential risks. Grotabyte’s comprehensive compliance solution provides educational institutions the tools they need to navigate this complex digital landscape efficiently and safely. Grotabyte Guru: Transforming Communication Data into Compliant Insights Human-Level Accuracy in Audio Processing: Transcription of audio with impeccable accuracy. Summarization for distilled insights. Hate speech identification to prevent harmful behaviors. Detect and differentiate between speakers. Content moderation for a safe environment. Entity detection for specific insights. PII redaction ensures personal data protection. Discover topics discussed and key phrases for quick reviews. Dynamic Policy Management: Create diverse policies tailored to specific needs. Manually flag content, ensuring human oversight. Receive timely notifications when any record triggers a policy. Review with Precision: Thoroughly inspect flagged content. Add pertinent comments, escalate when needed, tag for organization, and finalize the review process. Data Retrieval and Export with Finesse: To refine data extraction, use filters like global labels, case labels, recipients, sender, and data source types. Export in various formats, including PST, PDF, EML, MSG, and EDRM, ensuring compatibility with specialized eDiscovery tools. Safeguard privileged communications with the exclusion list, removing any client-attorney privileged content. Intuitive User Experience: An elegant, sleek interface to navigate communication data. Snapshot previews and detailed views of every email for a holistic understanding. Why Grotabyte for Communication Data Compliance in Education? In the era of vast digital communication, educational institutions require a partner who can help them harness the power of their data while ensuring compliance and safety. Grotabyte brings a robust, comprehensive, intuitive, and user-friendly solution to the table. By ensuring that educational institutions can navigate their digital communication with ease and assurance, Grotabyte stands as a beacon of excellence in communication data compliance for the education sector. ​REQUEST A DEMO NOW​ Contact our expert team for a comprehensive understanding of Grotabyte's transformative approach to communication data compliance in education.

Data Sources Integration
Integrate and harness the power of all your data sources into one robust platform. With our solution, you can achieve streamlined archiving, advanced eDiscovery, and fortified compliance across the board.
Seamless Data Source Integration for Archiving, eDiscovery & Compliance
Unified Data Archiving: Connect diverse data sources and consolidate your information landscape, ensuring systematic retention and enhanced data accessibility.
eDiscovery-Ready Integrations: With seamless integrations, swiftly search, filter, and retrieve the data you need from any connected source.
Compliance-Centric Data Aggregation: Ensure every integrated data source adheres to global regulatory standards and organizational compliance policies, safeguarding your reputation and minimizing risks.

Data Source Integration: Archiving, eDiscovery, and Compliance Perfected

The strength of your data management strategy is only as powerful as the sources feeding into it. By integrating diverse data sources, we amplify the potency of your archiving, eDiscovery, and compliance endeavors. Features and Benefits: Holistic Data Archiving: Plug in multiple data sources, from emails to collaboration tools, creating a unified, searchable archive. Optimize storage with intelligent data categorization and management across sources. Ready eDiscovery Across Platforms: Leap over data silos with our seamless integrations, making every data byte instantly discoverable. Access tools like semantic search and query builders that work efficiently across all connected data sources. All-Round Compliance Assurance: Bringing all data sources under one roof ensures uniformity in compliance standards, making audits and policy checks more efficient. Stay ahead of regulatory changes by having a centralized platform that can adapt swiftly to new compliance demands. Harnessing the data from varied sources and synthesizing it for archiving, eDiscovery, and compliance is no small feat. But our platform makes it possible, straightforward, streamlined, and efficient. ​REQUEST A DEMO NOW​ Contact our expert team for a comprehensive understanding of Grotabyte's transformative approach to communication data compliance in education.

Grotabyte Support is exceptional!
"Grotabyte has made my e-discovery and OPRA request fulfillment much easier. The system allows for multiple export formats, allowing me to meet the necessary requirements of the requests. Support is exceptional! I am always answered and helped in very short order. I would recommend this product to others!"
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