Video Intelligence
Grotabyte Video Intelligence
Go deeper into each video intelligence feature and discover how it can benefit your specific needs:
Label Detection:
  • Identify and categorize a vast range of objects, scenes, and activities with high accuracy.
  • Utilize pre-trained labels or customize your own for specific domains and applications.
  • Gain instant insights into video content for better organization, search, and analysis.
Shot Detection:
  • Break down your videos into individual shots with frame-level accuracy.
  • Simplify editing by quickly isolating specific sections for further processing or analysis.
  • Enhance video search by enabling search based on individual shots.
Object Tracking:
  • Track the movement of specific objects in your videos with precision and accuracy.
  • Gain valuable insights for sports analysis, player performance evaluation, and security surveillance.
  • Analyze object interactions and relationships within complex video scenes.
Person Detection:
  • Detect and count people within your videos with ease and accuracy.
  • Analyze audience behavior in marketing campaigns, sporting events, and public spaces.
  • Optimize retail store layout and staffing based on customer traffic patterns.
Face Detection:
  • Identify and track individual faces in your videos with advanced facial recognition technology.
  • Enable personalized content delivery based on viewer demographics and preferences.
  • Analyze facial expressions for emotion detection and sentiment analysis.
Logo Recognition:
  • Identify and track brands and logos within your videos for comprehensive brand monitoring.
  • Measure brand awareness and analyze competitor presence in your industry.
  • Protect your brand identity from unauthorized use and infringement.
Speech Transcription:
  • Convert spoken word into searchable and accessible text transcripts.
  • Make video content accessible to a wider audience, including individuals with hearing impairments.
  • Analyze speech content to identify key themes, keywords, and sentiment.
Text Detection:
  • Extract and analyze text displayed within video frames for diverse applications.
  • Capture on-screen information like captions, news tickers, and product names.
  • Enable visual search queries based on extracted text content.
Explicit Content Detection:
  • Identify and flag inappropriate content within your videos to ensure platform compliance.
  • Protect your audience from harmful or offensive content.
  • Automate content moderation workflows to save time and resources.
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