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It is essential to ensure that the enterprise information archiving solution meets these unmet needs to maximize the value of the investment. Grotabyte's enterprise information archiving solutions are designed to meet the specific unmet needs of your business when it comes to the platform. Our software is scalable, performs well, ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the data archived, integrates with a wide range of systems and applications, offers a good value for the price, is easy to use, comes with comprehensive technical support and customer service, and provides a range of features to meet your specific requirements.

Ensuring Your Enterprise Information Archiving Solution Meets Your Unmet Needs


eDiscovery, also known as electronic discovery, is the process of searching and analyzing digital data supporting legal proceedings, such as litigation, investigations, and regulatory compliance. eDiscovery is an essential aspect of modern legal practice. Businesses and organizations increasingly generate and store data in digital formats, including emails, documents, social media posts, chat messages, and more.

Streamlining the Search and Analysis of Digital Data in Legal Proceedings
Information Governance

Information governance is managing and protecting an organization's digital data's security, integrity, and compliance. Information governance is an essential aspect of data management and helps businesses ensure that their data is being used effectively, securely, and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Ensuring the Security, Integrity, and Compliance of Your Digital Data
Self-Serve Personal Archive

The Self-serve personal archive is a feature that enables employees to search across all of their data sources from a single, unified interface. This includes data such as emails, documents, chat messages, social media posts, and more. The Self-serve personal archive allows employees to quickly and easily search for the information they need without having to search multiple siloed systems or spend time tracking data manually.

Empowering Employees to Quickly and Easily Search Across All Data Sources
Content Identification, Monitoring, and Alerts

Content identification, monitoring, and alerts are features that help businesses and organizations identify, monitor, and alert on potentially sensitive or non-compliant content within their digital data. These features can be an essential aspect of data security and compliance as businesses and organizations are increasingly generating and storing data in digital formats, including emails, documents, social media posts, chat messages, and more.

Ensuring the Security and Compliance of Your Digital Data